K7 Pro 2 LED

One of the most important items in keeping a healthy reef aquarium is good lighting. When looking for the right lighting the reef keeper must insure it can provide:

  • Correct Spectrum

  • Adjustable Intensity

  • Affordability

  • Craftsmanship

  • Longevity 

 The Noopsyche k7 Pro2 contains all these key features to insure no matter what coral put under them will receive the correct light to flourish and grow.

There are 26 quality diodes that are positioned for proper coverage, with the control to minimize or maximize the intensity desired.

The Noopsyche K7 Pro2 is poised to be the most cost effective high quality light on the market today! With a one year warranty and support in the USA, the K7 should be considered when purchasing your next reef light.

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